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Clairvoyant/Life Readings:

Love, Luck, Career and Past Life. Clairvoyant readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions. Wondering what path to take or when and when and where you will meet your soul mate? If so then this reading is perfect for you.

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Past Loved Ones/Mediumship Reading:

Connect with your past loved ones. Hearing their special messages is always personal and down to earth. We recieve these messages in different ways. Through signs and symols then passing the message on to you.

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Group Readings/Parties:

Groups of 5-20 people at the clients location. Donations of $30.00 a person are collected the night of the event. The host is responsible for the payment/collection of funds.Can also travel throughout California for a fee, depending on milage. Everyone gets an Angel card and/or Pendulum reading, depending on how many attend. Throughout the night we will also be doing Mediumship readings for those who we feel the strongest connection.

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Readings are either done In office or by phone:

30 min(phone)-$80.00

30min(in office) $120.00 


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California/ medium